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Sul & Associates works with teams of stakeholders and psychometricians towards the design and development of culturally responsive and psychometrically valid systems of assessment. Whether your plans call for a system-wide large-scale assessment or a smaller local assessment, Sul & Associates can assist your organization to incorporate the practices involved in developing culturally responsive and psychometrically valid systems of assessment.


Cultural Validation. Working collaboratively with an expert panel ensures cultural validity of the assessment. Panel members assist in the definition of assessment constructs and identify forms of demonstrating proficiency in the assessment domain. The assessments attempt to capture the transition from novice to expert in support of the measurement of the cultural knowledge along a continuum.

Psychometric Validation. Once the cultural aspects of the assessment are confirmed, validation of the instrument requires a measurement model that incorporates the cultural framework and integrates the knowledge domains as either independent or dependent constructs. Sul & Associates promotes the use of Item Response Theory to establish interval-level scaled scores for both formative and summative assessments.