2018 Indigenous Knowledge Assessment Cohort

Sul & Associates is launching a new initiative focusing on the assessment of indigenous knowledge, language, and culture. Our initiative will support indigenous peoples’ right to self-determine their own forms of education through an annual cohort of assessment teams. Working together with indigenous communities, our work will focus on the development of assessments that are psychometrically sound, culturally responsive and honor traditional wisdom. We are accepting new clients and specialists for this work.

For new clients that would like to join our initiative:

We are searching for assessment teams from governmental education agencies, colleges and universities, school districts, non-profit, and other community-based educational organizations for our initiative. Whether your plans call for a system-wide large-scale assessment or a smaller local assessment, Sul & Associates can assist your organization to incorporate the practices involved in developing culturally responsive and psychometrically valid systems of assessment.

To get involved, first, review our assessment process here and contact us. We will work through the spring and summer to prepare assessments for the fall administration.

For content, cultural, and assessment specialists who would like to join our team:

Please take a moment to review our position descriptions here and contact us. Applicants can submit an application, cover letter, resume, and writing sample to us at our Encuesta Survey site. All positions are subject to availability and continuation of project funds.

If you have questions for us, or would like to refer a potential assessment team, please contact us today.

Conference Presentations

In 2017, Sul co-presented a symposium entitled “Reclaiming Sovereignty of Learning Rooted in Indigenous Knowledge Constructs: The Development, Implementation and Validation of the Papakū Makawalu Competency Assessment” at the 4th International Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) Conference held in Chicago.

In 2016, Sul co-presented a paper at the CREA conference held in Chicago. The paper, titled “A Framework for the Development of Equitable Measures: Strategies and Methods for Developing a Statewide Assessment Appropriate for Children with Special Needs in California,” was part of a panel of presentations titled “Developing Evaluation of Equitable Measures Using Culturally Responsive Strategies.”

In 2014, Sul & Associates presented a skill-building workshop at the American Evaluation Association national conference held in Chicago. The workshop, titled “The Project Portfolio—A Cloud-Based Internal Monitoring and Evaluation System Built upon Open Source Technologies,” was sponsored by the Integrating Technology into Evaluation Topical Interest Group (TIG).

Indigenous Knowledge Assessment Workshop

Keiki Assess

Indigenous communities are reclaiming the sovereignty of their educational institutions and actions range from the renaming of schools to the redesign of educational curricula. Assessment leaders residing within these communities are responsible for guiding the transition towards forms of assessment that focus exclusively on indigenous knowledge domains.

An indigenous knowledge assessment workshop is planned for Fall of 2018. This workshop will focus on key phases in the development of assessments of indigenous knowledge and will be presented using a case study approach.