Encuesta Survey

Sul & Associates supports clients in all phases of instrument development through the use of Encuesta Survey.

Collect All Types of Data Custom Themes Multiple Languages
Multiple choice, check. Open-ended, check. Rearrange list elements, check. Upload documents, images, and videos, check. Gather the data you want, from the sources you want in the manner you want. Survey templates can be created to match your style to maintain your web presence.  Show us what you want your survey to look like and we will construct it with our theme builder and customized HTML, PHP, and CSS. Provide us with your survey translations and your survey is instantly accessible to speakers of languages other than English. Need more than one translation? Multiple languages in the same survey are possible.
Data Analysis & Reporting Branching & Skip Logic Complete Data Access
Encuesta Survey generates a set of standard reports. However, other data services can help create customized reports, tables, charts and graphs. Do you have dependent question structure? Survey questions can be displayed based on the response of prior questions. Save your respondents’ time by only asking them pertinent questions. We manage the survey process and you maintain complete access to your raw survey data stored on the Encuesta Survey server. Download or work directly with it using custom SQL queries.

Services for clients 

Encuesta Survey is more than just surveys. It is the comprehensive data gathering solution that is used exclusively with our clients. The service is included as part of a suite of evaluation services.

Services for non-clients

If you need assistance with designing your data collection process, we offer complete technical support and services.