Project Portfolio

The Project Portfolio is a cloud-based storage system provided to clients by Sul & Associates. This comprehensive storage system houses the critical elements of the monitoring and evaluation process described above: strategic plan elements, an activity reporting function, a formative reporting function, and a summative reporting function.

Strategic Plan Elements

The Project Portfolio will store the logic model elements (e.g., mission, goals, objectives, measures, and targets) at the program and activity levels. Information about the logic model will form the basis for the activity reporting. The objectives, measures, and targets guide the direction of the planned activities. Posting this in a shared space can be helpful in keeping program administrators and participants on track with short and long-term goals.

Activity Reporting Function

Within the strategic plan’s logic model is a roster of program activities to be conducted. The Project Portfolio will include an activity roster and a description of their alignment to one or more of the defined objectives. Included within the activity roster will be a standardized set of agreed upon data that will be gathered for each activity. The data gathering element of the Project Portfolio is an active environment and is built around the Plan- Do-Review model.

Formative Reporting Function

The formative reporting function of the Project Portfolio is a dynamic structure that is used to document evidence of program activities and store common artifacts such as agendi, sign-in sheets, activity documents, images, and video clips. Prior to the launch of program activities, program managers agree to a set of common artifacts that will be gathered for all program activities throughout the organization. All artifacts are categorized and assigned tags by the individual users in order to recall, gather, and group them for future reference.

The dynamic reporting process addresses critical issues of self-determination and autonomy by allowing individual program managers to choose at their own discretion which activity artifacts will be selected for upload into the Project Portfolio system. This will ensure that reporting of activities will have a sense of individuality while falling within an overall reporting structure.

Summative Reporting Function 

The Project Portfolio system provides a complementary storage location for the static collection of common information about all sponsored activities that are intended to address the expected outcomes. In this structure, common forms are defined and agreed to by all stakeholders and are used to capture systemwide information. The data captured form the basis for reports on the progress toward meeting overall objectives.