Sul & Associates International has launched two major initiatives to support communities design and develop assessments and data structures.

Cultural Measures

Cultural Measures are a suite of culturally specific assessments (Sul, 2019) and data systems developed in support of learners of traditional knowledge and art forms. Culturally specific assessment (Sul, 2019) represents an extension of Hood’s (1998) culturally responsive assessment onto a named worldview through the addition of an additional criterion: the assessment development process functions within a system of knowledge that exists within a named worldview.

Sul & Associates supports groups throughout North American and Hawaiʻi to develop their own programs of assessment.

Data Active

Data active is Sonoma County’s first community data collective. With a broad mission of working with communities to design, develop, and utilize their own data structures, Data Active practices data activism in support of community interests. Expansion into other areas of the region, state, and nation will be based on the success of the Data Active model in Sonoma County.