Sul & Associates International is a professional measurement and evaluation corporation serving clients with culturally responsive practices in support of their educational programs.

We provide measurement expertise and evaluation models that allow our clients to stand confidently behind their work. Sul & Associates International provides technical assistance to:

  • governmental education agencies,
  • colleges and universities,
  • school districts,
  • non-profit, and
  • other community-based educational organizations.

Through the development of culturally responsive processes and systems, Sul & Associates International seeks to assist clients in developing their own self-sustaining expertise.


Sul & Associates International strives to support best practices through culturally responsive measurement and evaluation models that involve the partnership and development of local stakeholders attuned to the social and environmental needs of their own local community.


Sul & Associates International is managed by David Sul who uses a collaboration model to attract specialists to serve on project teams. In this manner, clients are served by a broad representation of talents and experts. In addition to being experienced evaluator, Sul is a psychometrician specializing in the application of Item Response Theory within educational settings.

Sul is a former Research Director for the Napa County Office of Education and served on the collaborative team that developed the statewide preschool assessment for the state of California, the DRDP (2015). As a project psychometrician, Sul developed the calibrated multidimensional scale for the DRDP (2015) in current use by the Special Education Division of the California Department of Education.

Sul has served as an adjunct Planning and Evaluation lecturer for Sonoma State University and has taught undergraduate Statistics for both Santa Clara University and the University of the Pacific. While at the University of the Pacific, he launched the Office of Assessment, working with all academic departments and programs to develop their learning assessment plans.

Sul was a Project Evaluator for the Stockton Unified School District and developed the program of formative assessment for the 40,000 student school district. Through his research efforts, he helped to end the discriminatory practice of the use of two-year Algebra classes in the district and subsequently helped to launch a middle school summer mathematics institute that lasted ten years. Subsequently, Sul developed a vertically-scaled formative assessment program serving 3,000 Algebra students in the district.