Sul & Associates supports clients with a wide variety of services to move clients from concept development to formal evaluation.


Efforts to bring about change should address needs defined within an organization’s strategic plan. While many organizations have developed comprehensive strategic plans, others seek support as they construct their own. For those seeking such assistance, we work with clients to establish long-term plans for the operation the organization and their priority programs. Working collaboratively with a team of key stakeholders, we provide support in the formal identification of these plan components.

Grants Development

Private foundation and government grants fund the majority of our work. As such, we have an eye for developing grant proposals. The process commences with a needs-assessment of the project and focuses on the identification of project goals, evaluation questions, and data sources.


We work with teams of stakeholders and psychometricians towards the design and development of culturally responsive and psychometrically valid systems of measurement. Whether plans call for a system-wide large-scale or a smaller local instrument, we can assist your organization to incorporate the practices involved in developing culturally responsive and psychometrically valid systems of assessment.


The monitoring of programs is a form of evaluation that is performed during program implementation, with the aim of improving the project design and functioning while it is taking place. Program monitoring can include an ongoing review of program activities to determine whether they are developing according to plan or whether any adjustments may be needed so that the intended goals are achieved.


Program evaluation can be viewed as the comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness and efficacy of the program. Evaluation efforts are defined through the strategic planning efforts of the program stakeholders and are guided by the question: What are we trying to accomplish? A comprehensive program evaluation can address the key issues of program sustainability, coordination, consistency, and the effectiveness of monitoring and reporting systems.